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General practitioner - Torcy 77

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Job General Practitioner M/F - Torcy 77

A multidisciplinary healthcare facility located in Torcy, is looking for two general practitioners M/F to complete its team.

This modern, welcoming facility, spread over several floors of a building, has one level reserved for dentists and two others for medical care. The third floor will open this year, and two more are planned by 2025. Currently, 180 patients are seen daily by medical professionals. The medical offices are between 18 and 20m² in size, all with windows.

You'll have at your disposal acomplete and recent technical platform, enabling you to practice in excellent conditions. You'll be supported by a dedicated nurse or medical assistant, as well as a secretary to help you with administrative tasks. We prefer salaried positions, but self-employment is also possible.

Torcy, located in the Seine-et-Marne region, is a dynamic city offering a pleasant living environment with many green spaces and excellent accessibility thanks to its proximity to the train station. It's an ideal place to reconcile professional and personal life.

For this position, you will benefit from a 45% salary. You'll also benefit from housing assistance of €590 per month for 6 months if you're coming from far away or abroad.

Position benefits:
- Permanent salaried status
- 45% salary
- Modern equipment
- Housing allowance 590€ per month
- Possibility of private practice
- Dedicated nurse or medical assistant
- Dedicated secretary
- Accident insurance

Profiles sought : General practitioner M/F holding a Doctorate in General Medicine in France, registered or registrable with the Conseil national de l'ordre des médecins in France

Candidates from the European Union:
Jober Group, supports you free of charge right up to the start of your business:
- Language training (Level B2) / Connection with our partner teachers
- Follow-up for registration
- Consultant dedicated to your support

Contact us on: 07 44 71 65 08

Advertisement reference : 8437

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Job vacancies in France

for a general practitioner

To find the ideal médecin généraliste job, with the right conditions for your needs and expectations, it's essential to use a reliable and professional recruitment agency. That's exactly what JoberGroup offers, with its specialization in medical and dental recruitment.

Printed nationwide, JoberGroup offers employment opportunities for medical and dental specialists throughout France. Different types of contract and status, variable remuneration, diverse reception conditions… at JoberGroup, you benefit from a wide network of specialized recruiters, with close relationships with renowned health care institutions and structures.

What type of job for a general practitioner?

Different advantages surround the job of médecin généraliste in France. Over the years, advances in medical technology, ever-changing patient expectations and the growing challenges facing the public health system have led practitioners to embark on a major shift in their approach to medical responsibility.

Many practice options are available to the general practitioner. Various benefits are available for the different sectors of activity inherent to the profession.

  • Le cabinet médical:if the majority of general practitioners choose to practice in a cabinet médical, it's also for the comfort of practice and organization it brings. In fact, a medical practice allows practitioners to receive their patients in a space they have designed, equipped and furnished themselves. Generally, one or more specialized assistants take care of the practice's administrative management.

  • L’établissement de santé hospitalier: any practitioner in ménéraliste medicine can choose to work in a hospital environment. This alternative to the medical practice offers the opportunity to work with a different kind of patient, and to deal with specific emergency situations. By practicing on public premises, the hospital general practitioner benefits from a high-quality, optimal infrastructure. 

  • The multidisciplinary structure in a nursing home or center: by working in a multidisciplinary facility or center, where different specialties come together, the general practitioner broadens the range of skills required for optimal patient care.

The practitioner also has the choice of the status he/she wishes to adopt.

Salaried status : An employment contract is drawn up for the salaried general practitioner, for the practice of his or her profession within a dedicated healthcare structure. A fixed salary, with or without bonuses, is then established to reward the medical act as a whole.

The practitioner is employed by a public or private healthcare establishment. The advantages are mainly to be found in the absence of administrative management, the fixed, monthly remuneration, and the number of working hours defined in a clear, precise contract. Salaried general practitioners benefit from paid leave, parental leave, sick leave and unemployment compensation, as well as bonuses.Free-lance status: With this type of work, the general practitioner is not bound by any employment contract, and is totally independent. He or she may work in a solo practice, or with other practitioners, or in private clinics. The advantages of a freelance status are reflected in the fees that the doctor, who is paid on a fee-for-service basis, can choose to charge. The freelance specialist can also organize his or her schedule as he or she sees fit.

What is the salary of a médecin généraliste?

After the compulsory completion of the state diploma of doctor of medicine, délivré à l’Following further training to validate the skills acquired, the general practitioner is able to practice with complete freedom.

This training is divided into three distinct cycles, lasting between 9 and 12 years in total. The first cycle consists of a common first year for all disciplines, followed by two pre-clinical years. The second cycle comprises three clinical years, marked by the final passage of the ECN (national competitive examinations), ending the third cycle and formerly known as the "concours de l'internat": 400;">And the third cycle, the longest, lasts between 3 and 6 years and enables students to choose their speciality of practice.

After graduating, a médecin généraliste can expect a salary of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros gross per month, or between 72,000 and 120,000 euros gross per year.

Specifications of the medical profession: 

From cases followed for years, to new patients, the médecin généraliste ensures the long-term care and follow-up of a patient with problems of varying severity. The generalist medical specialty honors primary health care every day.

The missions of a médecin généraliste

A privileged health partner, the general practitioner carries out a wide variety of missions, ranging from the classic consultation to the most complex treatment; from the classic observation or follow-up consultation to comprehensive care, not to mention the coordination of care as part of a wider health care pathway.

Essential to the centralization and monitoring of day-to-day health care, the general practitioner is characterized by his versatility and plays a simultaneous role in the care of the patient;The medical practitioner is characterized by his or her versatility, and plays a simultaneous role in prevention, detection and health and social education. The general practitioner is the most frequently consulted of all specialists, and plays a vital role in the general healthcare process.

From the youngest infant to the most elderly person, the medical specialist works with a wide range of patients;le and is in charge of establishing general clinical examinations, sometimes leading to referrals to other specialists.

The medical practitioner's role in observation, prevention and advice makes a major contribution to reducing the risk of disease and complications.

The general practitioner and health insurance

While any doctor can be called on for a consultation, whatever their speciality, they are always the link between the patient and the health insurance company. As a key partner in public health initiatives, and a central link in the patient's orientation and follow-up with the social security system, the general practitioner is part of the treating physician system.

What is the real difference for patients who are obligatorily covered by the universal health insurance system in France? The inclusion of a general practitioner on the list of treating physicians offers a better reimbursement rate for the consultation, reducing the amount remaining to be paid by the patient.

In addition, this declaration greatly facilitates the centralization of the medical file and, in essence, the follow-up of care and orientation in the healthcare system. 

What is Jober Group? 

Jober Group is the French market leader in medical and dental recruitment, with thousands of ads dedicated to your speciality. All of these medical job offers are available and can be consulted on our website and mobile application.

By offering you different opportunities, from full-time to part-time and in various structures, the aim of our recruitment agency is to give you the opportunity to compare.

To get as close as possible to what you're looking for, you can contact us by sending your CV directly to our website, or by calling us directly at 01 41 31 33 12.

Our team of consultants will quickly take care of your request.

Why should you trust Jober Group with your job search?

Grâce à JoberGroup, finding a job in the médical will never have been so easy! To take advantage of our services, all you have to do is apply for a vacancy with a single click, and a consultant specially dedicated to your search will call you right away.

Trusting Jober Group means benefiting from our team's quality expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the medical recruitment market.  

We rigorously and professionally select the structures and firms we choose to work with. Our aim is to orient our proposals towards job offers that meet our quality standards.

Respect for ethics, good working conditions and a high level of professionalism are essential if we are to offer you the best job offers on the market.

Candidate from abroad? Jober Group takes care of your integration

Are you looking to work as a general practitioner in France? Jober Group can help you pursue your career in France, and accompany you on your way!

As a recruitment agency that specializes in the dental and medical sectors, we understand better than anyone the challenges you may face as a candidate from abroad. By placing your trust in us, you're ensuring a smooth and trouble-free professional integration in France.

First of all, our services are of direct concern to you if you are qualified in the European Union and eligible for registration with the French Dental Surgeons' Association.

With these criteria in place, we can begin our support on the following points, free of charge: 

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • L’inscription à l'ordre des médecins
  • The accommodation solution
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers, discovering the French healthcare system
  • .

Jober Group and its team of consultants specialized in profiles from abroad will provide you with the best possible assistance to help you integrate in France.

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