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Rheumatologist - Paris 75013

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Paris 75013


Rheumatologist Job Paris 75013:

We are looking for a Rheumatologist M/F on a full or part-time basis for a multidisciplinary health center in Paris 13thproviding excellent working conditions: attractive percentage pay, high patient flow, supported by a paramedical and nursing assistant team...

Position Benefits:
- Permanent salaried status (1-5 days per week)
- Attractive percentage-based remuneration
- High patient flow
- Work assisted by a paramedical team and care assistants
- Regular training and multidisciplinary work staff
- Complete management of administrative tasks
- Total freedom on the work rhythm
- Latest generation equipment

This multidisciplinary health center, is also a committee of scientific experts at your disposal, continuing education, knowledge sharing with gynecological, dermatological specialties, an integrated medical biology laboratory, medical imaging services and paramedical activities, all in the same pleasant and stimulating environment.

health insurance, retirement, mutual insurance, meal tickets, transportation expenses, works council (travel, gift vouchers...)

Profiles sought:
- Rheumatologist M/F
- Graduated in the European Union
- Registered or eligible for registration with the French Medical Association

Foreign candidates: If you come from abroad (European zone), we will accompany you on the following points:
- Language learning
- Registration with the French Medical Association
- Accommodation solution
- Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system.

Contract type: CDI, full or part time

Average salary observed: 10000€/month

Contact us at: 06 67 17 15 28


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Job offer rheumatologist in France

You êtes looking for the perfect job offer rheumatologist in France ? At JoberGroup, a major player in medical and dental recruitment, we excel in supporting radiology careers throughout France. Our expertise in matching healthcare professionals with the job market gives us a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the career opportunities specific to rheumatologists in this dynamic region.

We develop tailor-made approaches, aligned with the skills and professional ambitions of rheumatologists, directing them to job offers that match their wishes in France. With JoberGroup, specialists cover professional rheumatology job offers that perfectly match the career path they envision.

Rheumatologist job search: rôle, training and careerévolution

The profession of rheumatologist occupies an essential place in the medical world. Specializing in disorders of the joints, muscles and bones, the rheumatologist plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies. This article aims to shed light on the various aspects of this profession, from the training required to career opportunities, as well as the skills required and the benefits of the profession.

How to become a rheumatologist To become a rheumatologist in France, a long training course is required. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, the future rheumatologist must complete six years of medical studies, followed by four years of specialization in rheumatology. This rigorous training includes theoretical courses, clinical internships and a practicum. It is essential for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and treat rheumatic diseases.

Where can a rheumatologist practice? The career of a rheumatologist offers many opportunities. Practitioners can choose to work in a hospital, clinic or private practice. There are also opportunities to move into research or teaching positions. The demand for rheumatologists is constant, offering a degree of job security.

What is the salary of a rheumatologist in France?

How much does a rheumatologist earn in France? A rheumatologist's income varies according to practice location and experience. On average, a rheumatologist in France can expect an attractive salary of €6,000 to €10,000 per month. This profession also offers great professional satisfaction, given the positive impact it has on patients' quality of life.


The advantages of a rheumatologist job offer in France

The advantages of a rheumatologist job offer in France are many and varied, making this profession both attractive and rewarding. Firstly, demand for rheumatologists in France is high, guaranteeing a certain security of employment in this sector.

Since rheumatological pathologies are so common, particularly in an ageing population, the services of rheumatologists remain in great demand. In France, rheumatologists can work in a variety of settings: public hospitals, private clinics, freelance practices, or even in research and teaching.


Why should you trust JoberGroup with your job search?

For rheumatologists looking for a job in France, JoberGroup is the partner of choice. Specializing in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, JoberGroup has in-depth expertise of the rheumatology job market in France. It offers personalized support, including contacts with leading healthcare establishments and assistance throughout the recruitment process. When you place your trust in JoberGroup, you can be sure of finding a job that perfectly matches your expectations and skills.

Need advice or an answer to your questions? Our team of expert consultants is available at 01 41 31 33 12.

Candidate from abroad? Let JoberGroup take care of your intégration! 

Are you a rheumatologist thinking of moving to France? JoberGroup is here to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our expertise in the field of medical recruitment enables us to offer tailor-made support, including a range of free services designed to simplify your installation in the region. These services include:

  • Language training (level B2)  
  • Registration à l'ordre national des chirurgiens-dentistes  
  • Solution d'hébergement 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to help you discover the French healthcare system 

Backed by a wealth of expertise, a broad network and an effective, personalized strategy, JoberGroup is the ideal choice for rheumatologists in France and abroad;al for rheumatologists worldwide, guaranteeing successful professional development and safe integration on French soil.

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