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Radiologue - Paris 75020 H/F - Libéral

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Paris 75020

  • Salary 800 / 1300 par Jour
  • ProfileRadiologist
  • Reference 7700



Contact Nathalie Heydon : 06 60 72 55 13
Seeking radiologists
Liberal status

Network of private imaging centers
Experiencing strong growth
83 centers spread over some 20 groups

Mammo/Scanner/Seno/MRI procedures
260 physicians in place
1400 employees

Center Paris IDF/ South of France/ Ile de réunion/Italy

Looking for profiles who want to join Simago
ok for classical collaborators and replacements
80% of doctors are associates
Prefer young associates and sector 1 physicians
ok for sector 2
Simago takes care of all the administrative side of the business, saving practitioners' time and eliminating the need to purchase equipment and recruit staff

Rém ( not to be specified in the ad)
Sector 1 associate : 17 and 20 k net/month
Sector 2 associate : 22 k net/month

The principle of remuneration is a dispatch according to the working time of the practice margin.
Remuneration varies according to site and procedures

Schedule managed by the prat
No entry fees
Opportunity to invest in simago network capital
Vacation test before association

Following the interview with Nathalie, the practitioner will meet with the president of the SEL (Structure en exercice libéral) to discuss the technical platform and scheduling.


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Offre d’emploi radiologue en France

You êtes looking for the perfect job offer radiologist in France ? Radiologists looking for work will find JoberGroup a trusted partner. Specializing in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, the JoberGroup recruitment agency has in-depth expertise of the radiology job market in France. It offers personalized support, taking into account the aspirations and skills of each candidate to direct them towards the offers emploi radiologue en France most relevant.

Radiologist job search: rôle, training and careerévolution

Radiology is a dynamic and constantly evolving field. Radiologists play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, making it one of the most rewarding professions in the medical sector. With the right training, the right skills and approach, and the support of competent recruitment partners like JoberGroup, radiologists can aspire to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

How to become a radiologist?To become a radiologist, a long and rigorous academic career is essential. After obtaining a medical degree, aspiring radiologists must follow a specialization in radiology, often punctuated by several years' residency. This in-depth training ensures mastery of imaging techniques such as CT, MRI and ultrasonography, which are essential for making accurate diagnoses.

Where can a radiologist work? In the healthcare sector, radiology is a medical specialty in constant demand. In France, employment opportunities for radiologists are diverse and varied, covering a wide range of working environments. Radiologists can progress to positions in hospitals, clinics or care centers, specialize in specific fields, or become involved in research.


What does a radiologist earn? 

How much does a radiologist earn in France? A radiologist in France, depending on experience, practice location (public hospital, private clinic) and specialization, can expect an annual salary that varies considerably. At the start of a career, a radiologist can earn around 50,000 euros a year, while with experience, this figure can rise to over 100,000 euros annually.

The advantages of a radiologist job offer in France

A offre emploi radiologue en France offers a multitude of professional and personal benefits, making this an attractive career choice for healthcare professionals. On the one hand, France is renowned for its high-quality healthcare system, offering radiologists a working environment equipped with the most advanced medical imaging technologies.

This modern infrastructure enables radiologists to practice their profession with precision and efficiency, making a significant contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. In addition, the profession of radiologist in France is characterized by a high level of competence and expertise. The remuneration of radiologists in France is among the highest in the medical sector, making it a financially rewarding career.

Why trust à JoberGroup with your job search? 

JoberGroup, a recruitment agency specializing in the medical, paramedical and dental fields, recognizes the crucial importance of radiologists in the healthcare sector. By providing clear and detailed information on the radiology profession, JoberGroup is committed to supporting these professionals throughout their careers, from training and professional practice to understanding their role and role in the healthcare system.

Choosing JoberGroup for your recherche emploi radiologue in France means opting for a partner who understands the specifics of your profession, who has an extensive network and who offers personalized support. For tailor-made support, don't hesitate to contact our expert consultants on 01 41 31 33 12.

Candidate from abroad? Let JoberGroup take care of your intégration! 

For foreign radiologists wishing to work in France, finding the right path can be complex. That's where JoberGroup comes in! As a recruitment agency specializing in the medical, paramedical and dental sectors, JoberGroup stands out for its personalized approach, which is particularly beneficial for foreign candidates.

To support and guide the integration of qualified practitioners from the European Union, JoberGroup offers a range of tailored services, 100% free of charge, such as:

  • Language training (level B2)  
  • Registration à l'ordre national des médecins  
  • Solution d'hébergement 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to help you discover the French healthcare system 

With its expertise, extensive network, personalized support, and assistance with administrative procedures, JoberGroup is much more than a recruitment agency; it's a trusted partner that facilitates the professional and personal integration of foreign radiologists into the French healthcare system.

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