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Pneumologist - Torcy 77

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Torcy 77200


Job Pneumologist M/F - Torcy 77

A multidisciplinary healthcare facility located in Torcy, is looking for a pulmonologist M/F to complete its team.

This modern, welcoming pôle, spread over several floors of a building, has one level reserved for dentists and two others for medical care. The third floor will open this year, and two more are planned by 2025. Currently, 180 patients are seen daily by medical professionals. The medical offices are between 18 and 20m² in size, all with windows.

You will have at your disposal a complete and recent technical platform, enabling you to practice in excellent conditions. You'll have the support of a dedicated nurse or medical assistant, as well as a secretary to help you with administrative tasks. We prefer salaried positions, but self-employment is also possible.

Torcy, located in the Seine-et-Marne region, is a dynamic town offering a pleasant living environment with many green spaces and excellent accessibility thanks to its proximity to the train station. It's an ideal place to reconcile professional and personal life.

For this position, you will have aretrocession of 41%. You'll also get housing assistance of €590 per month for 6 months if you're coming from far away or abroad.

Position benefits:
- Permanent salaried status
- 41% retrocession
- Modern equipment
- Housing allowance of €590 per month
- Possibility of private practice
- Dedicated nurse or medical assistant
- Dedicated secretary
- Accident insurance

Profiles sought: Pneumologist qualified in France or the European Union

Applicants from the European Union:
Jober Group, accompanies you free of charge right up to the start of your business:
- Language learning (Level B2) / Connection with our partner teachers
- Follow-up for registration
- Consultant dedicated to your support

Contact us at : 07 44 71 65 08

Advertisement reference : 8441

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Pneumologist job vacancies in France

Are you looking for the perfect job in France? Entrust your project to JoberGroup, your privileged partner in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment. Across France, we have access to the most sought-after job vacancies in renowned clinics, hospitals and private practices. Whatever you're looking for, our experts are dedicated to taking your respiratory career to new heights! Join a community of clear-cut doctors and breathe new life into your career with JoberGroup, where your skills are recognized and celebrated!

Pneumology offers a diverse range of professional opportunities in France, from general care to specialized clinics, research and teaching. The French medical landscape, continually reshaping itself, creates a constant demand for qualified medical specialists, ensuring stability and a wealth of career opportunities. 

Pneumologists in France: an essential link in respiratory health

Pneumology remains an essential pillar of the French healthcare system, contributing to improving the quality of life of thousands of patients. Pulmonologists focus on the study and treatment of diseases of the lungs, bronchi and respiratory system as a whole.

Over and above clinical management, the pulmonologist also performs respiratory function tests to assess the capacity and function of the patient's lungs. This healthcare professional works in close collaboration with other specialists, and may practice in hospitals, clinics or private practices, thus ensuring comprehensive management of the patient's respiratory health.

What does a pulmonologist do? 

But what exactly is the role of the pulmonologist ? The pulmonologist is a specialist in diseases of the respiratory system. This health professional treats pathologies linked to the lungs, such as bronchitis, asthma, COPD and lung tumors. From prevention to treatment, including diagnosis of various respiratory disorders, the pulmonologist in France ensures the respiratory health of everyone. 

Why see a pneumologist? 

Seeing a pulmonologist is crucial when symptoms affecting the respiratory system are present, or when lung disease, such as asthma or a serious infection, is suspected. The pulmonologist's speciality covers not only the treatment of pathologies, but also the implementation of prevention and follow-up strategies for chronic lung diseases.

When to consult a pulmonologist? 

The ideal time to consult a doctor specializing in pulmonology is when an individual presents with symptoms such as;persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, or when respiratory problems are identified by a general practitioner. Also, in the case of chronic diseases such as asthma or COPD, regular follow-up is essential.

Before making an appointment with a pulmonologist, one question arises: do you need a prescription to consult a pulmonologist? In France, to consult a pulmonologist in an office, hospital or clinic, it is generally recommended to obtain a prescription from your GP, to ensure better coordination of care. However, depending on the care pathway, and in certain specific cases, a direct consultation is possible.

How does a check-up with a pulmonologist work? 

A consultation with a pulmonologist usually begins with a thorough interview to understand the patient's medical history and identify any symptoms. This is often followed by physical examinations and specialized tests such as spirometry or chest X-rays, sometimes leading to further treatment or surgery. The examination can take place in the doctor’s office or in a hospital.

Pneumologist job offer: towards a specialized professional career

The role of the pulmonologist is vital, not only in the treatment of patients, but also in the research and development of new pulmonary therapies. A job as a pulmonologist is therefore an opportunity to develop a rich and varied career. In a context where the demand for respiratory system specialists is growing, every job offer for a pulmonologist in France is an invitation to join a community of specialized and committed professionals.

How to become a lung specialist? 

The path to becoming a doctor of pulmonology begins with training in medicine, followed by specialization. After passing the competitive entrance examination and completing the PACES (Premiée Année Commune aux Études de Santé), the aspiring doctor must devote several years to his or her training. This includes six years' initial training in medicine, followed by four additional years specializing in pneumology. It therefore takes around 10 years of higher education to be able to apply for a job as a pneumologist in France and practice in a hospital, practice or clinic.

How much does a pulmonologist earn? 

In France, the salary of a lung specialist can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, such as geographical location, level of experience, place of work (public or private), and any additional specializations or qualifications. However, a lung doctor can envisage a salary ranging from 3,900 to over 20,000 euros gross per month. 

The benefits of working as a pulmonologist in France

Êulating as a pulmonologist in France offers several advantages linked to the nature of the specialty, the French healthcare system and the growing importance attached to lung health. Like other medical specialties, respirologists benefit from a competitive remuneration package, particularly if they work in private or mixed practice. Pneumology is also constantly evolving, with the introduction of new diagnostic and treatment technologies. This enables professionals to remain at the cutting edge of medical innovation. France is active in medical research, offering lung specialists opportunities to engage in clinical studies, therapeutic innovations and other areas of research.

While schedules can vary, many lung specialists find a satisfactory balance between their professional and personal lives, particularly if they practice in an office. All in all, a career as a pulmonologist in France is both challenging and rewarding, offering a combination of job satisfaction, recognition and opportunities for advancement in a constantly evolving medical field.

Why should you trust JoberGroup with your job search for a pulmonologist?

Choose JoberGroup's expertise for your job search as a pulmonologist in France! As France's leading recruitment company for medical, paramedical and dental professionals, JoberGroup applies its specialized know-how to help you achieve your career goals. Our specialized consultants, familiar with the nuances of the sector, the skills required and movements in the job market, offer personalized support. To take advantage of our carefully calibrated support, contact our specialists on 01 41 31 33 12.

The JoberGroup team also encourages you to submit your CV directly via our website. Our digital portal will direct you to a wide range of job opportunities in the field of pulmonology, throughout France. We make a meticulous choice of the structures and collaborators with whom we work, thus ensuring job offers for pulmonologists in France that not only meet your professional ambitions, but also comply with our quality standards.

Candidate abroad? JoberGroup will accompany you and take care of your intégration!

The JoberGroup team is well aware of the challenges and difficulties that international candidates may encounter, and will ensure your smooth and efficient integration into the French medical landscape. Special consideration is given to applicants with a European diploma who meet the requirements for registration with the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins in France.

After validation of these requirements, the JoberGroup recruitment agency will provide you with a range of customized services, free of charge, including:

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • Registration as a doctor
  • Housing search
  • Free immersion in our partner healthcare centers, to discover the French healthcare system
  • .

To put it plainly, JoberGroup deploys its skills and expertise to facilitate your integration as a pulmonologist on French soil.

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