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Ophtalmologue - Juvisy-sur-Orge 91 H/F- Libéral

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Juvisy-sur-Orge 91260


Here is the summary of the framing call Hôpital privé Athis Mons / Groupe Almaviva santé
opening shorltist:
- Ophthalmologist
- Visceral Surgeon
- Urological surgeon
- ENT Surgeon
- Gynecological Surgeon
- Pediatric Surgeon

Since January 2021, the Caron and Vallès sites have formed a medical-surgical hub: the Hôpital Privé d'Athis-Mons.
All activities are grouped together at 38 avenue Jules Vallès in Athis-Mons.

Our facility offers the following activities:

  • Imaging center (MRI/SCANNER/RADIO)
  • Ambulatory surgery
  • Specialist consultations
  • Unscheduled consultations - CLOSURE (closing from 01 November 2023)
  • Hemodialysis
  • Laboratory (pavilion next to parking lot entrance)
  • Medicine
  • Suite Care and Rehabilitation
  • 100-space paid parking lot
Almaviva Santé is a group of private establishments with a strong local presence in the South of France, Ile-de-France, Corsica and Canada, and an excellent reputation in all surgical fields. Almaviva Santé offers medical and surgical care in the following disciplines: Medicine-Surgery-Obstetrics (MCO), Medical and Rehabilitation Care (SMR), Dialysis, Radiotherapy and Hospitalisation à Domicile. Aiming for optimum quality of care, Almaviva Santé's establishments have developed complementary medical, technical and administrative skills to weave a high-performance care network and offer patients comprehensive care combining quality, comfort and safety. Our teams are committed to providing every patient with the full benefit of their expertise. Taking an active role in your health is our priority! Almaviva Santé's vision is based on four strong values jointly shared by all the group's professionals: Caring, Responsiveness, Commitment and Quality Culture

Contact: Mathis Viguier
General Manager
07 77 75 21 09
  • Since when : since 2021

  • Type of structure (health center/clinic...) Private hospital
  • Integration of 15 surgeons since 2021
  • If multidisciplinary => specialty within the center :
  • The hospital has 14 outpatient beds and 5 fast-track beds for fast, optimized care. The main specialties treated include - Orthopedics - Ophthalmology - Urology - General surgery - Stomatology - Visceral surgery - Vascular surgery - Gynecology - Pneumology - Plastic surgery - ENT - Digestive and pulmonary endoscopy - Dermatology Outpatient consultations are also carried out at our facility: - Cardiology - Pediatrics THE OPERATING ROOM The technical facilities include - The operating room, which has been completely renovated, is: Equipped with 6 rooms fitted with the most modern operating and monitoring equipment, including : - Microscopes - Brightness amplifiers - Lasers - Lithotripters - Laparoscopy columns The recovery room This enables patients to be monitored until their vital functions have been fully restored. It comprises 11 fully-equipped recovery beds with permanent nursing staff supervised by a team of intensive care anesthetists.
  • Environment:
  • This hospital is located near Orly airport and is easily accessible. The river Seine runs alongside the entire commune, offering magnificent views. Hôpital Privé d'Athis Mons is part of the local medical care system, offering a wide range of specialties. It provides comprehensive patient care under optimum safety conditions. The facility offers spacious, comfortable premises in a pleasant, caring environment.

  • Hours, open S + D ? surgeries are performed Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

  • Material used: state-of-the-art, brand-new block
  • Practice description: 6 operating theatres + 1 room with equipment and possibility of providing consultation offices for surgeons + equipment
  • Caregiver/medical assistant ? Medical secretary ? nurse, they provide surgeons with all necessary personnel
  • What patient rhythm is required? Only scheduled outpatient surgery.

PROFILE WANTED: General practitioner, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Urologist, Gastroenterologist, Rheumatologist, Ophthalmologist and other specialties except Psychiatrist
Please note, no cardiologist needed in Marseille
  • Position status: assisted liberal
  • Experience needed? Mandatory surgical experience min 1 year
  • Type of compensation: ?
  • sector 1 -> 15% fee on portion covered by health insurance
  • sector 2 -> levy 15% on the portion covered by health insurance and not on overruns
  • 6-month exemption, during which period no royalties
-> Turnkey offer, fee includes premises, equipment and personnel
They have other sites in the 91, possibility of working in bi-site, about 10/15 km between sites

  • By e-mail


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Job offers for ophthalmologists in France

Are you looking for an ophthalmologist job in France? JoberGroup recruitment agency has you covered! Specializing in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, JoberGroup has a vast database of professional opportunities in France and a solid network in the medical field.

Getting help from JoberGroup means improving your chances of finding the ideal job for your profile and your ambitions as a medical specialist in eye care and vision. 

Becoming an ophthalmologist: rôle, training and career prospects

To become an ophthalmologist in France requires years of training and a range of technical and human skills. However, career prospects are promising and the profession offers great professional satisfaction.

What is the rôle of an ophthalmologist? 

Ophthalmology is a medical branch specializing in vision disorders. Ophthalmologists are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases. They can also prescribe glasses and contact lenses. Their work involves consultations, medical imaging diagnoses and sometimes surgery. It's a field that's experiencing growing demand due to the ageing population and the increase in sight problems.

Aside from technical skills, a good ophthalmologist must possess human qualities such as empathy and a sense of compassion. Precision and manual dexterity are also crucial, especially for surgical procedures.

How to become an ophthalmologist  

To become an ophthalmologist in France, you must first obtain a diploma in medicine after 6 years' university training. Next, you must pass a competitive internship examination to begin a course of specialization in ophthalmology, which lasts an average of 4 to 5 years. At the end of this period, you are awarded a DES (Diplôme d'Etudes Spécialis;es) in ophthalmology, which authorizes you to practice.

After obtaining the DES, you can opt for a career in a hospital, a private clinic, or even open your own practice. What's more, a subspecialization, such as reconstructive surgery, can open other doors and increase your income.

How much does an ophthalmologist earn? 

How much does an ophthalmologist earn? The average salary of an ophthalmologist in France ranges from 80,000 to 150,000 euros annually, depending on experience and location. Non-financial benefits include the satisfaction of contributing to improving your patients' quality of life.

The benefits of working as an ophthalmologist in France

Practicing as an eye specialist in France offers multiple advantages that make this career choice particularly attractive. The French healthcare system is world-renowned for its excellence and accessibility, guaranteeing the ophthalmologist a high-quality medical practice, surrounded by competent teams and state-of-the-art infrastructures. The status of ophthalmologists in France, combined with optimal working conditions, gives them enviable professional and financial stability.

One of the great advantages of practicing this medical specialty in France is undoubtedly the possibility of a diversified career. Ophthalmologists can choose to work in public hospitals, private clinics or even open their own practice. This variety of professional backgrounds enables them to deal with a wide range of pathologies and clinical cases, making the job both stimulating and rewarding.

Why trust à JoberGroup with your ophthalmologist job search?

Choosing JoberGroup as your recruitment agency for your ophthalmologist job search in France means offering proven, recognized expertise. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the particularities of the paramedical, medical and dental sectors. This targeted expertise enables our teams to direct ophthalmologists to job offers that match their skills and career plans.

To help you find the right ophthalmologist in France, please contact our teams on 01 41 31 33 12. You are also invited to submit your CV directly on our website.  

Candidate from abroad? JoberGroup takes care of your intégration!

Are you looking for a job as an ophthalmologist in France? JoberGroup offers you personalized support throughout your search process. By choosing our recruitment agency, specialized in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, you'll benefit from the support of a dedicated team of consultants, dedicated to answering your questions, expectations and needs.

Our expert consultants, fully aware of the challenges and special features of international candidates, will ensure your smooth integration into the French medical world. We give priority to doctors of ophthalmology who hold a European diploma and meet the admission criteria of the Ordre des médecins français.

If you fit this profile, the JoberGroup recruitment agency offers you, at no extra cost, a range of personalized services, such as:

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • Registration as a doctor
  • Housing search
  • Free immersion in our partner healthcare centers, to discover the French healthcare system
  • .

In short, the JoberGroup recruitment agency is a trusted partner in fulfilling your professional expectations, making it much easier for you to become a doctor of ophthalmology in France. 

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