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Occupational physician - Dijon 21

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Job Occupational Physician M/F - Dijon 21

We are recruiting an Occupational Physician M/F to join a renowned health institute located in Dijon (Côte d'Or), as part of a CDI full or part time.

As an occupational physician, you will be involved in four main areas:
- Action in the workplace,
- Individual monitoring of employee health,
- Advice to employers, employees and their representatives,
- Traceability and health monitoring

You will be responsible for monitoring an average of 4,500 employees, working in pairs with at least one nurse and one assistant, and will have the possibility of carrying out remote consultations in the form of teleworking. However, you will be required to work on site at least one week a month. You will be working for companies in a variety of sectors: medical, commercial, administrative and tourism.

Structure DNA
Located in Dijon, this structure is part of a health institute with 10 medical establishments in Côte-d'Or, employing a total of 140 FTE (full-time equivalent), including around 35 doctors. In Dijon, you will join a team of 20 doctors and enjoy great autonomy in your missions. Your working hours will be divided into two-thirds individual follow-up visits and one-third consultations and actions in the workplace (AMT).

For this position, you will benefit from an executive flat-rate remuneration, with a range of €95,000 to €100,000 per year.

- Kilometric allowance paid for FTE travel

- Seniority taken back
- Training paid for doctors wishing to retrain
- Virtually total autonomy on the job
- Remote consultation possible

Profiles sought: General practitioner M/F with a doctorate in general medicine in France or a DES in geriatrics, registered or registrable with the Conseil national de l'ordre des médecins in France.

Candidates from the European Union: Jober Group, accompanies you free of charge right up to the start of your activity. A consultant will help you learn the language, put you in touch with our partner teachers, and follow up on your registration with the French medical association.

Contact us at : 07 44 71 65 08

Advertisement reference: 8599

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Offre d’emploi médecin du travail en France

You're looking for a job vacancy in France JoberGroup, leader in the medical, paramedical and dental recruitment sector, simplifies your job search by establishing partnerships with renowned employers.

In the constantly evolving medical field, occupational medicine stands out as an essential specialty. The profession of occupational medicine is both rewarding and demanding, requiring a unique blend of skills and knowledge. At JoberGroup, we recognize the importance of connecting job seekers with the opportunities that match them.

Everything you need to know about job hunting for a médecin du travail

The profession of occupational physician is of vital importance in maintaining health and safety in the workplace. However, finding a position in this field can be complex, due to factors such as the specific demands of employers, qualification requirements and competition in the job market. This is where JoberGroup comes in as a trusted partner, offering tailor-made support to guide employment professionals in their job search.

What is the rôle of a médecin du travail?

Occupational physicians play an essential role in promoting health and safety at work. Their main responsibility is to ensure that employees are able to work in conditions that are medically safe. This includes the provision of regular medical check-ups, occupational risk management, prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses, as well as support in adapting workstations for employees with specific needs.

Members of the workplace.

What diploma do you need to become an occupational physician?

To practice as a médecin du travail, médical training is essential. Candidates must hold a doctorate in medicine and have completed a specialization in occupational medicine. This specialization can be obtained through an internship in occupational medicine, followed by further training.

When to call on the occupational physician?

Companies generally call in an occupational physician for a variety of reasons, including when hiring new employees, to carry out periodic medical examinations, to assess occupational hazards, and to advise on preventive and protective measures.

Où practice a médecin du travail?

Occupational physicians can practice in a variety of environments, including private companies, inter-company occupational health services, public administrations, or as independent consultants. Their place of work may vary according to their employer and personal preferences.

What is the salary of an occupational physician?

The salary of an occupational physician can vary according to several factors, such as professional experience, geographic region, and sector of activity. In France, the average salary of an industrial physician is between 4,000 and 6,000 euros per month.

Why you should trust Jober Group to help you find the right job


By working with JoberGroup, candidates benefit from personalized support throughout their job search, access to a wide network of companies and healthcare establishments, and sound advice to optimize their profile and chances of success.

The advantages of a médecin du travail job in France

Working as a médecin du travail in France offers many advantages, including an attractive salary, stimulating career prospects, and the chance to actively contribute to the health and well-being of workers. What's more, the French health system offers a solid regulatory framework and adequate resources to support medical practice in this field.

Foreign candidates: Jober Group takes care of your integration

JoberGroup offers specific support to facilitate their integration. This includes assistance with administrative formalities, finding accommodation, understanding the French healthcare system, and language support if required. Thanks to this personalized approach, JoberGroup ensures a smooth transition to medical practice in France for professionals from abroad. In fact, these 100% free services include:

  • Language learning (level B2)  
  • Registration à l’Ordre national  
  • Housing solution 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to help you discover the French healthcare system 

Job hunting as an occupational physician can be simplified and optimized with the expertise and support of JoberGroup. Whether for domestic or foreign candidates, JoberGroup is committed to providing quality support to find rewarding professional opportunities in the field of occupational health.

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