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Implantologist - Valserhône 01 M/F - Up to 35% gross/month

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Valserhône 01200


Job Implantologist M/F - Valserhône 01

A dental clinic, located in Valserhône, is recruiting an implantologist M/F. On a permanent contract, you will be free to work full-time or part-time.

Above all, we're looking for a profile with at least two years' experience in a similar position, whether you've graduated in France or in the European Union. As part of a team covering several dental specialties, you will work in a healthy and inspiring environment, surrounded by qualified professionals.

You'll have access to a complete technical platform with everything you need to perform a wide range of treatments, including radio plan meca, chair with scaler (ANTHOS brand), digital radio, ETK implants, laboratory aligners and Invisalign. A total of 3 chairs are dedicated to general dentistry and 1 to orthodontics. There is also a surgical unit on the premises.

Join our team in Valserhône, a commune at the crossroads of the Pays de Gex's natural and cultural riches! With its soothing surroundings on the banks of the Rhône, this town lets you combine work and relaxation in an environment that's close to nature. An ideal balance between urban vitality and environmental serenity awaits you.

You'll earn an attractive salary of up to 35% of gross monthly sales, depending on your experience. You'll also benefit from a guaranteed minimum fixed salary of between €4000 and €6000 gross per month. Also note that this structure will open in September 2024.

Position benefits:
- Salaried status on a permanent contract, full-time or part-time
. - Compensation up to 35% gross/month
- Guaranteed minimum wage
- Modern technical platform
- Fully dedicated to dentistry
- Total freedom over your schedule
- Modern premises
- Pleasant environment
- Parking nearby

Location: Valserhône 01200

Our aim is also to give you something to compare by proposing other opportunities, full or part-time, in different structures all over France and corresponding to your search criteria. Find over 4,000 healthcare job offers on our JoberGroup website and mobile application.

Profiles sought: Implantologist qualified in France or the European Union

Foreign candidates:If you are coming from abroad (European zone), we can help you with the following points:
- Language training
- Registration (ONCD)
- Accommodation solutions
- Free immersion in our partner dental clinic, to introduce you to the French health care system

Contact us at: 06 67 76 60 76


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Job offer implantologist in France

Are you looking for a job offer implantologist in France? JoberGroup, experts in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, is the ideal partner for implantologists looking for work. With in-depth knowledge of the French market and an extensive network, JoberGroup offers personalized support and guarantees access to the best opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

JoberGroup, as a specialized recruitment agency, is ideally positioned to support professionals on their path to a successful career in implantology in France. 

Recherche emploi implantologue : rôle, formation et opportunités de carrière

Implantology, a fast-growing dental specialty, is attracting many health professionals. On a day-to-day basis, the implant surgeon focuses on the placement of dental implants, an effective treatment for replacing missing teeth. Responsibilities include patient oral health assessment, treatment planning, surgery, and post-operative follow-up.

How to become an implantologist? To become a dental implantologist, a rigorous academic background is essential. After a degree in dental surgery, specialization in implantology is required. This additional training, often in the form of university diplomas or masters degrees, provides in-depth knowledge of oral surgery and dental prosthetics. Professional certifications and participation in conferences are also essential to stay at the cutting edge of technology and practice.

What's the difference between an implantologist and a dental surgeon? An implantologist is a dentist who specializes in the placement of dental implants, a surgical procedure designed to replace missing teeth. While a general dental surgeon offers a wide range of oral care, from prevention to treatment of various dental problems, an implantologist focuses primarily on treatments involving dental implants and associated procedures.

How much does an implantologist earn? 

How much does an implantologist earn in France? On average, an implantologist in France can expect an attractive salary, which varies between 5,000 and 15,000€ per month depending on experience, geographical location, and patient size.

The advantages of an implantologist job offer in France

A offre emploi implantologue en France presents several attractive advantages, making this one of the most sought-after professions in the oral health field. Firstly, an implantologist's salary is often higher than that of a general dentist, reflecting the specialization and expertise required in this field. Implantologists benefit from a growing demand for their services, due to the evolution of techniques and materials used, as well as the growing awareness of the importance of dental health.

In addition, the implantologist profession offers great job satisfaction. Implantologists have the unique opportunity to significantly improve their patients' quality of life, not only by restoring the functionality of their jaw, but also by improving their dental aesthetics. This visible and immediate transformation of patients' smiles brings great gratification.

Why choose JoberGroup for your job search? 

The growing demand for specialized dental care offers implantologists numerous career opportunities. They can work in private practice, in specialized clinics or in hospitals. Career progression may include clinic management, research or teaching. Over the years, JoberGroup has established itself as a leader in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, including implantology. The agency's consultants have in-depth knowledge of the sector and its specific needs, enabling JoberGroup to provide customized and efficient recruitment services.

With its specific expertise, personalized services, extensive network and ongoing support, JoberGroup is the ideal partner for launching and developing a successful career in implantology in France. So don't hesitate to share your curriculum vitae on our website or contact us directly on 01 41 31 33 12 to benefit from a tailor-made service.

Candidate from abroad? JoberGroup takes care of your integration!

Searching for a job offer implantologist in France can be a daunting task, especially for foreign candidates. This is where JoberGroup, a recruitment agency specializing in the dental and medical sectors, comes in. JoberGroup's local knowledge is a major advantage for foreign candidates. In fact, the JoberGroup team has an in-depth understanding of the specifics of the implantology market in France, enabling them to provide precise, relevant advice on employment trends, salary expectations and professional development opportunities.

We offer a range of tailored services, 100% free of charge, to help you integrate into the French job market. These services, dedicated to practitioners holding European diplomas and eligible for registration with the Ordre des chirurgiens-dentistes in France, include:

  • Language learning (level B2)  
  • Registration à l'ordre national des chirurgiens-dentistes  
  • Solution d'hébergement 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system 

Choosing JoberGroup means opening doors to rewarding professional opportunities as an implatologist surgeon in France.

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