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Gynecologist - Paris 75003

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Paris 75003

  • Salary 8000 / 12000 par mois
  • ProfileGynecologist
  • Reference 4631


Gynecologist Job Paris 75003:

We are looking for aGynecologist M/F with a employee status on a full or part-time basis in Paris 3rd, for a health center with a dedicated women's pole. Attractive percentage compensation.

The benefits of the position:
- Full or part-time salaried status
Attractive percentage compensation
- Consultations according to your specialties (pregnancy monitoring, contraception, ultrasound ...)
- Zero administrative tasks
- Work assisted by a paramedical team of care assistants
- Latest generation equipment
- Guaranteed full schedule

The women's health center is also a committee of scientific experts at your disposal, continuing education, knowledge sharing (gynecological and paramedical specialties) and a pleasant and stimulating environment.

Surgical activities: possibility to perform your surgical procedures on the center's patient base by referring patients within your own practice or a partner clinic (if applicable, you will receive full fees on your surgical procedures).

Benefits: Health plan, retirement, mutual insurance, meal tickets, transportation expenses, company committee (travel, gift certificates...)

Profiles sought:Medical and/or Obstetrical Gynecologist M/F

Foreign candidates: If you are coming from abroad (European zone), we will accompany you on the following points:
- Language learning
- Registration with the medical association
- Accommodation solution
- Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system.

Contact us at: 06 67 17 15 28


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Gynécologue job offer in France

Are you looking for a gynaecologist job in France? JoberGroup, a specialist in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, can help you develop your career. As recognized specialists, our consultants are dedicated to finding you the best job opportunities, perfectly aligned with your career aspirations.

Professional recognition, high-quality health system, ongoing training, career opportunities, work-life balance… For Dr gynacute;cologue, a specialist in fetal health, practicing in France has many advantages. 

What is the rôle of a gynécologue? 

What does a gyneacologist do? The gyneacologist plays a key role in the health of women at all stages of their lives. As a specialist in feminine health, this specialized practitioner is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the feminine reproductive system. The regular gyneacological examination is an essential element in the early detection of various pathologies. The gynécologue ensures the best possible therapeutic management.

The gynécologue-obsthetist also assists women during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum period. The doctor ensures the safety and well-being of mother and child. This specialized doctor often works in collaboration with other specialists in clinics, centers or hospitals, offering comprehensive, multidisciplinary care.

Why meet a gynécologue and when consult a gynécologue for the first time?Consulting a dr gynécologue is essential for many reasons. For teenagers, a first consultation is useful to discuss puberty, rules and issues related to sexual and reproductive health. The gynaecologist also carries out annual check-ups for women. The practitioner also plays a preventive and advisory role. He performs examinations to detect illnesses, monitor pregnancies and identify gynaecological problems (endometriosis). The gynaecologist also provides support during the menopause, and monitors post-menopause bone and cardiovascular health.

Gynaecologist, obstetrician, midwife: what are the differences? 

What's the difference between a gyneacologist, an obstetrician and a midwife? The field of reproductive health and maternity places many health professionals at the heart of the matter. Although they often work in collaboration, these three practitioners play a different role and do not benefit from the same training.

  • The gynécologue follows studies in general medicine, then specializes in gynécology. He is now a specialist in female reproductive health.
  • The obstétrician also follows studies in general medicine, which are followed by a spécialisation in obstétrique. In some cases, this specialization is combined with that of gynaecology. The practitioner is then a gynécologue-obstétricien and is a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth (gynécologie obstétrique). 
  • The midwife follows specific maéeutic studies, without passing through médecine générale. The midwife accompanies the pregnant woman and provides medical care for the newborn.

How many years of study does it take to become a gyneacologist? It takes 10 to 11 years of study to become a gynaecologist in France. And that's not counting possible years of further specialization.

Where and how to practice as a gynaecologist? 

Where can gynaecologists be employed in France? In France, a gynécologue or gynécologue-obstétricien has several career options at his or her disposal.

Whether he or she chooses to work as a gyneacologist in the hospital sector (public hospital or private clinic), the gyneacologist will have the opportunity to collaborate with other practitioners. Whether salaried or self-employed, gyneacologists and obstetricians are offered a variety of contracts. In addition, gynaecologists may choose to work on a self-employed basis. A self-employed gyneacologist in France offers the opportunity to run his or her own business, with a high degree of autonomy in the organization of work and patient care. There are also other possibilities for the specialist, such as gynaecological employment in the civil service or in teaching, or even in research.

A gynaecologist practising télémédecine also offers growing opportunities for doctors wishing to offer remote consultations, widening their access to the patient and offering greater flexibility in the organization of their practice.

What is the salary of a gynécologue médical et obstétrique? 

How much does a gynécologue earn in France? The salary of a gynécologue doctor in France can vary, depending on several factors (hôpital or clinique, libéral or salariedé). Generally speaking, a self-employed gyneacologist can earn between 80,000 and 250,000 euros gross per year. However, you have to subtract the costs associated with the practice. A gyneacologist or gyneacologist-obstructor can earn between 4,000 and 8,000 euros gross per month.

The choice of self-employed or salaried status will depend on the personal and professional aspirations of each gynaecologist. Each status has its own advantages and disadvantages, which it is essential to take into account.

The advantages of a gynécologue job in France 

You're looking for a job as a gynaecologist in France? There are many advantages to working as a gynaecologist in France. First and foremost, France is world-renowned for the excellence of its healthcare system. Gynaecologists and gynaecologist-obstructors have the opportunity to work in a highly professional environment. France boasts state-of-the-art medical infrastructures equipped with cutting-edge equipment.

Continuing education, professional recognition, multidisciplinary collaborations, numerous career opportunities: there are many reasons why gynaecologists should look for a job in France. What's more, although the gynaecologist's job is a demanding one, France offers definite opportunities for reconciling professional and personal life, thanks in particular to a well-structured system of leave and social protection. 

Why trust à JoberGroup with your job search?

Choosing JoberGroup for your gynécologue job search in France means offering yourself confirmed and recognized expertise. JoberGroup, a recruitment agency specializing in medical, paramedical and dental jobs, has in-depth knowledge of the specific features of jobs in the health sector. This know-how enables our teams to guide gynaecologists looking for work towards vacancies that match their skills and career aspirations.

For tailor-made support in your job search for gynaecologists in France, don't hesitate to contact our expert consultants on 01 41 31 33 12. You are also invited to submit your CV directly to our digital platform, which features a wide range of gynaecologist job offers throughout France. We carefully select the staff and partners we work with. This choice allows us to provide you with gynaecologist job offers that match your career plans, while maintaining our high quality standards.  

Candidate abroad? JoberGroup takes care of your intégration

Are you looking for a gynaecologist job in France? JoberGroup offers you personalized support throughout your search. By choosing our agency, specialized in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, you benefit from the support of a dedicated team, dedicated to meeting your questions, expectations and needs.

Our specialists are fully aware of the challenges and special features of international candidates, ensuring your smooth integration into the French medical world. We give priority to gyneacologists with a European diploma who meet the admission criteria of the Ordre des médecins français.

If you fit this profile, JoberGroup offers you, at no extra cost, a range of tailored services, including:

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • Registration as a doctor
  • Housing search
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers, to discover the French healthcare system
  • .

In short, JoberGroup positions itself as your trusted ally in realizing your professional ambitions, facilitating your integration as a gyneacologist in France.

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