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Endocrinologist - Paris 75013

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Paris 75013

  • Salary 8000 / 12000 par mois
  • ProfileEndocrinologist
  • Reference 4580


Job Endocrinologist Paris 75013:

We are looking for a Endocrinologist M/F on a full or part-time basis for a multidisciplinary health center in Paris 13thproviding excellent working conditions: attractive percentage pay, strong patient flow, supported by an administrative team...

Position Benefits:
- Permanent salaried status (1-5 days per week)
- Attractive percentage compensation
- High patient flow
- Regular training and multidisciplinary work staff
- Latest generation equipment
- Complete management of administrative tasks
- Total freedom on work rhythm

This multidisciplinary health center is also a scientific expert committee at your disposal, continuing education, knowledge sharing with gynecological, dermatological specialties, an integrated medical biology laboratory, medical imaging services and paramedical activities, all in one pleasant and stimulating environment.

Health insurance, retirement, mutual insurance, luncheon vouchers, transportation expenses, company committee (travel, gift certificates...)

Profiles sought:
- Endocrinologist graduated in the European Union
- Registered or registrable with the French Medical Association
- Replacement license

Foreign candidates: If you come from abroad (European zone), we will accompany you on the following points:
- Language learning
- Registration with the French Medical Association
- Accommodation solution
- Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system.

Contract type: CDI, full-time or part-time

Contact us at: 06 67 17 15 28


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Job offer endocrinologist in France

You're looking for the perfect job offer endocrinologist in France ? JoberGroup, a specialist in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, stands out for its expertise in supporting healthcare professionals in their careers in radiology across France. We highlight the best opportunities available in this dynamic region, offering personalized support throughout the process.

At JoberGroup, we design tailor-made career paths, adapted to the skills and aspirations of each endocrinologist, guiding them towards positions in line with their professional ambitions. Our reputation as a trusted partner for rheumatology professionals looking for rewarding opportunities is firmly established.

Job search endocrinologist: rôle, training and careerévolution

The endocrinologist plays an essential role in the field of health, treating disorders of the joints, muscles and bones. As a key specialist in the diagnosis and management of these pathologies, we are committed to providing a comprehensive overview of this profession, highlighting the importance of training, the skills required and career development prospects.

How to become an endocrinologist? To practice as an endocrinologist in France, it is necessary to follow a complete medical curriculum, comprising six years of post-baccalaureate studies and a four- to five-year specialization in endocrinology. This in-depth training, combining theory and practice, is crucial to acquiring the skills specific to this speciality.

Where can an endocrinologist practice? Endocrinologists in France can practice their profession in a variety of environments, such as hospitals, private clinics, independent practices, as well as in research and teaching, offering a degree of professional security.

What is the salary of an endocrinologist in France?

How much does an endocrinologist earn in France? As far as remuneration is concerned, endocrinologists in France can enjoy attractive salaries, generally ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 euros per month, depending on experience and professional background. This profession also offers great personal satisfaction, contributing positively to the well-being of patients.

Why trust à JoberGroup with your job search? 

As experts in medical recruitment, we are the ideal partner for endocrinologists looking for opportunities in France. We offer personalized support, establishing partnerships with leading healthcare establishments and providing ongoing support throughout your job search.

By choosing JoberGroup, give yourself the opportunity to build a career aligned with your skills and ambitions. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialized consultants on 01 41 31 33 12.

Candidate from abroad? Let JoberGroup take care of your intégration! 

If you're an international endocrinologist considering a move to France, JoberGroup is here to help. Drawing on our expertise in medical recruitment, we offer tailor-made support, including a range of free services to facilitate your installation in the country, such as:

  • Language training (level B2)  
  • Registration à l'ordre national des chirurgiens-dentistes  
  • Solution d'hébergement 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to help you discover the French healthcare system 

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