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Dermatologist M/F - Salaried - Multidisciplinary center - Bayonne 64

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Bayonne 64100

  • Salary 5000 / 15000 par mois
  • ProfileDermatologist
  • Reference 3438


Job Dermatologist M/F Bayonne 64 :

A multidisciplinary health center, ideally located in Bayonne, is recruiting a dermatologist to expand its team and strengthen its care offering. You will join a local establishment and a multidisciplinary team (general medicine and medical specialties, radiology, dentistry...), where you will work in optimal conditions.

Within this structure renowned for the quality of its services and care, you will share your experience as much as you enrich it! You'll benefit from an attractive percentage-based salary, plus a guaranteed minimum.

The benefits of the position:
- Salaried status on permanent contract, full-time or part-time
- Attractive percentage-based remuneration
- Guaranteed minimum wage
- Multidisciplinary team
- Recent structure
- Modern, state-of-the-art equipment
- Handling of administrative tasks

Location: Bayonne 64

The aim is also to give you something to compare by proposing other opportunities, full-time or part-time, in different structures throughout France that match your search criteria.

Profiles we're looking for:Dermatologist with a degree from France or the European Union, Registered or eligible for registration with the French National Medical Council

Foreign candidates:If you're from abroad (Europe zone), we'll support you in the following areas:
- Language learning (level B2)
- Registration with the French Medical Association
- Accommodation solution
- Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system

Contact us at: 06 67 17 15 28


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Job offer dermatologist in France

You êtes looking for a job offer dermatologist in France?Opt for JoberGroup, your partner of choice in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment in France. Our aim? To provide you with tailor-made support throughout your professional career.

Practicing as a dermatologist in France offers many advantages, linked to the structure of the healthcare system, the richness of medical practice and the opportunities for professional development. That's why our recruitment experts, always available to guide you towards the position that best matches your professional aspirations.

Rôle, missions et spécificités du métier de dermatologue en quelques questions

What does a dermatologist do on a daily basis? What does a dermatologist do? A dermatologist is a specialist in the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. His mission is vast, encompassing both the medical and surgical aspects of his specialty. Dermatology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin and skin appendages. Depending on their subspecialization or particular area of expertise, the spécialiste may be called dermato-vénérologue, dermatologue esthétique or dermatologue cosmétique. 

What care at a dermatologist's? As a skin specialist, a dermatologist offers a wide range of treatments to address various skin problems (acne, moles) and skin appendages (hair, nails). Acne treatment, skin diagnosis, skin cancer detection, mycology, peeling, laser treatment, Botox injection, hair loss treatment, skin biopsy, dermatological surgery: the list of treatments is vast and can meet a wide range of needs.

Do I need a prescription to go to the dermatologist? As a general rule, depending on the drugs and treatments provided by a doctor, a medical prescription may be necessary, or even mandatory. So, can you go see a dermatologist without a prescription? The answer is yes, in general. However, if you consult a dermatologist without going through your general practitioner, you may find yourself outside the coordinated care pathway, which means less coverage by the Assurance Maladie.

How many years of study are needed to become a dermatologist? A total of 10 years of study are needed to become a dermatologist in France. This does not include any additional years for specializations or parallel university degrees.

Is the dermatologist reimbursed? Consultations with a dermatologist are generally reimbursed by Assurance Maladie in France, but the amount reimbursed depends on various factors. Reimbursement rates based on the Sécurit;sociale; social security system, the care pathway, the mutual insurance company's share, the specifics of the consultation… it's advisable to check the dermatologist's fees beforehand, and to be fully aware of the reimbursement terms for your consultation.

Why go to dermatology? Dermatology, a medical specialty focusing on the skin and its pathologies, offers a rich diversity of professional practice, encompassing a vast spectrum of cases from common skin concerns to rarer diseases. Dermatologists juggle aesthetic and medical issues, delivering treatment results that are often visible and instantaneous, and rewarding for both practitioner and patient. This specialty is recognized for its favorable balance between professional and personal life, thanks to often more stable and visible schedules.

Carriage, salary and career development of a dermatologist

The dermatologist, a specialist in skin, hair and nails, plays a versatile role in medicine, alternating between different functions and work environments. Their careers can take place in a variety of settings, including private practices, hospitals, universities and the pharmaceutical industry. Whether in daily medical practice, scientific research, teaching or humanitarian aid, this health professional uses his expertise to respond to a multitude of skin needs; a multitude of cutaneous needs, from routine care to specialized treatments, while at the same time being able to widen access to patients thanks to medical technology. This medical field therefore attracts for its rich diversity and the vast scope of its applications, offering dermatologists several paths to develop their careers according to their professional aspirations and interests.

How much does a dermatologist earn? 

How much does a dermatologist earn? A dermatologist's salary can vary considerably depending on various factors, such as country of practice, level of experience, specialization, place of work (hospital, clinic, private practice) and patient volume. The salary range for a dermatologist is generally between 3,500 and 8,000 euros gross per month. The French average is 3,700 euros gross for a dermatologist with a mixed practice (freelance + hospital).

The advantages of working as a dermatologist in France

Working as a dermatologist in France has its share of advantages. France is renowned for the quality of its healthcare system. As a result, dermatologists benefit from a solid infrastructure and a tightly-knit professional network. In addition, dermatologists can choose from a wide variety of practice modes and locations (private practice, public hospital, private clinic, research, teaching, etc.).

Moreover, dermatologists practicing in France often enjoy a good quality of life, particularly in terms of leave and social protection, although the pace of work can be hectic. On the other hand, given the prestige of the French healthcare system, dermatologists have the opportunity to collaborate with international colleagues and to take part in world conferences and events.

Why trust à JoberGroup with your job search?

Trusting à JoberGroup, a recruitment agency specializing in the medical, paramedical and dental sectors, has many advantages. The JoberGroup team has in-depth knowledge of the sector's needs, the qualifications required and current job market trends. To receive tailored assistance and optimize your chances of finding the perfect dermatologist job in France, don't hesitate to contact our consultants on 01 41 31 33 12.

You can also submit your CV directly on our online platform. Our website offers a wide range of professional opportunities in dermatology throughout France. We carry out a rigorous selection of the structures and partners with whom we collaborate, thus guaranteeing you job offers perfectly aligned with your expectations, while respecting our high quality standards.

Candidate from abroad? JoberGroup takes care of your intégration

Are you looking for the perfect dermatologist job in France? Turn to JoberGroup, the specialist in healthcare recruitment in France, to make your project a reality. By choosing our agency, a pioneer in medical, paramedical and dental recruitment, you benefit from the support of a professional and cost-effective team.

Our consultants, highly informed about the issues and challenges that international candidates may face, guarantee effective integration into the French medical sector. In the first instance, we focus primarily on candidates from the European Union who meet the requirements for registration with the Ordre des médecins in France.

If you meet the criteria, JoberGroup offers a range of personalized services, 100% free of charge, including:

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • Registration as a doctor
  • Housing search
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers, to discover the French healthcare system
  • .

En résumé, the JoberGroup recruitment agency deploys all its expertise to guarantee you a serene integration in France as a dermatologist. 

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