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Cardiologist M/F - Paris 75017

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Paris 75017

  • Salary 8000 / 14000 par mois
  • ProfileCardiologist
  • Reference 4573


Job Cardiologist Paris 75017:

We are looking for a Cardiologist M/F on a full or part-time basis for a multidisciplinary health center in Paris 17thproviding excellent working conditions:attractive percentage pay, high patient flow, Cardiac ultrasound, Holter, Mapa, ECG supported by a team of caregivers...

Advantages of the position:
- Salaried status on a permanent basis (1 to 5 days per week)
- Attractive percentage-based compensation
- High patient flow
- Cardiac ultrasound, ECG placement, Holter
- Work assisted by a paramedical team of caregivers
- Regular training and multidisciplinary work staff
- Latest generation equipment
- Complete management of administrative tasks
- Total freedom on the work rhythm

This multidisciplinary health center, is also a committee of scientific experts at your disposal, continuing education, knowledge sharing with gynecological, dermatological specialties, an integrated medical biology laboratory, medical imaging services and paramedical activities, all in the same pleasant and stimulating environment.

Benefits: Health plan, Retirement, mutual insurance, meal tickets, transportation expenses, works council (travel, gift vouchers...)

Profiles sought:Cardiologist M/F, replacement license

Foreign candidates: If you are coming from abroad (European zone), we will accompany you on the following points:
- Language learning
- Registration with the medical order
- Accommodation solution
- Free immersion in our partner health centers to introduce you to the French healthcare system.

Contract type: CDI, full or part time

Average salary observed: 10000€ / month

Contact us at: 06 67 17 15 28


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Cardiologist job vacancies in France

When it comes to finding a Cardiologist job vacancy, the process can be complex. Opportunities are plentiful, but competition is fierce. That's why JoberGroup, leader in medical and dental recruitment, offers you recognized and effective expertise.

The job of cardiologist is essential to ensure the cardiac health of the entire population. In France, cardiologists specializing in the heart and blood vessels have a choice of practice settings. Different types of contract, variable remuneration, working and reception conditions… Thanks to JoberGroup and its specialized recruiters, you'll benefit from a wide network of renowned specialists and structures for your cardiologist job search. 

What kind of jobs and structures are there for a cardiologist? 

From public hospitals to private clinics, research and teaching: the diversity of positions available reflects the importance of a cardiologist's role at the heart of the French healthcare system. JoberGroup lists the different paths a cardiologist can take in France:

  • Emploi cardiologue libéral: under the indépendant status, the spécialiste can officiate in a private practice. In this case, the practitioner must manage his or her own workspace and patients. Private clinics also welcome their fair share of freelance health specialists.
  • Hospital cardiologist job: placed at the heart of the healthcare system, the cardiologist may practice in a university hospital (CHU). This is the ideal setting for practitioners wishing to combine care, research and teaching. Conventional hospitals and local hospitals also offer an alternative employment option. Cardiologists generally find a wide variety of cases, as well as an invaluable local service.
  • Employment as a salaried cardiologist : health centers, pharmaceutical industries, regional hospital groups (GHT)... A wide range of job opportunities are available to cardiologists looking for work. From medical advisor to clinical research manager, cardiologists play an essential role in overall patient care and the advancement of current cardiac treatments.

As a specialist in heart disease and disorders, cardiologists identify potential problems in their patients. The specialist also plays a key role in maintaining cardiac health, and proposes appropriate solutions. In France, cardiology is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the growing number of patients requiring specialized cardiac care. This constant development of the sector offers cardiologists a multitude of professional opportunities.

What is the annual salary of a cardiologist?

The salary of a cardiologist in France can vary depending on a number of factors, such as experience, place of practice, specialization, structure or establishment chosen. At the start of a career, you can expect to earn between 60,000 and 80,000 euros in a hospital setting. For an experienced cardiologist, the salary can be between 80,000 and 150,000 euros.

Cardiologists practicing under the liberal profession can charge additional fees for certain specific procedures. However, certain charges are deducted from their sales, such as office rent, equipment, insurance, secretarial services, etc.

The benefits of working as a cardiologist in France

The advantages of a job as a cardiologist in France are numerous. The cardiologist’s profession, while essential throughout the world, can vary from country to country. France, with its renowned healthcare system and rich medical history, has long been regarded as a model of excellence worldwide. For a cardiologist, France offers many advantages.

The cardiologist, an expert at the heart of cardiovascular care

As the central pillar of our circulatory system, the proper functioning of the heart is essential to maintaining good health on a daily basis. In France, it's the cardiologist who looks after the health of this vital organ. A specialist in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, he intervenes when symptoms appear.

These disorders can result in a variety of pathologies, from arterial hypertension to myocardial infarction, not to mention heart rhythm disorders. Before making a diagnosis, the cardiologist performs a series of additional tests to identify potential heart failure. A cardiac lectrocardiogram, cardiac ultrasound or stress test are just some of the tools available to assess the patient's cardiac activity and blood pressure. Once a diagnosis has been made, the practitioner prescribes the appropriate treatments and monitors his patients.

The cardiologist also places prevention at the heart of his daily work. In France, where cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death, the specialist's role is crucial. In short, thanks to their in-depth training and proven experience, cardiologists are the guardians of cardiac health for an entire population.

Practicing cardiology in France: opportunities, benefits and quality of life 

Practicing cardiology in France offers many advantages both professionally and personally. While each country has its own advantages, France stands out in several respects. To begin with, the medical system is among the best in the world. Cardiologists benefit from state-of-the-art medical infrastructures, modern equipment and comprehensive patient care.

High-quality medical training, excellence in research and development, professional security, opportunities for specialization, social recognition, quality of life, French cardiology attracts and stands out from the rest of the world. From medical know-how to quality of life, France is a destination of choice for these specialists.

What is Jober Group?

JoberGroup is the French market leader in medical and dental recruitment, with thousands of ads dedicated to your speciality. All of these job offers are available and can be consulted on our website and mobile application. You'll find a wide range of job offers for cardiologists in France on our platforms.

Various job opportunities, from full-time to part-time and in a variety of structures, are available to you. The aim of our recruitment agency is to give you the opportunity to compare. To get as close as possible to what you're looking for, and thus fulfill your professional aspirations, you can contact our teams on 01 41 31 33 12. You are also welcome to submit your CV via our website. Our consultants will promptly process your request. 

Why choose Jober Group for your job search?

Choosing JoberGroup for your cardiologist job search means giving yourself the best chance of success. At JoberGroup, our consultants have an excellent knowledge of the medical and dental job market. Informed and aware of trends, the specific needs of each establishment and the qualifications required for each position, the agency’s experts guide candidates efficiently. Between searching for advertisements, writing cover letters and arranging interviews, the recruitment process can be long and tedious. That's why JoberGroup takes care of everything, with the utmost confidentiality and efficiency.

Relying on our recruitment agency makes your job search easier. To take advantage of our services, all it takes is a few clicks for a consultant specially dedicated to your search to contact you quickly. We rigorously and professionally select the structures and firms with which we choose to collaborate.  The aim is to direct our proposals towards job offers that meet à your expectations and à our criteria of excellence. 

Candidate from abroad? JoberGroup takes care of your intégration

Are you looking for a cardiologist job in France? JoberGroup can help you pursue your career as a specialist physician in France. In fact, thanks to its national experience, our agency is ready to support you in your integration projects.

As a recruitment agency specializing in the medical and dental sectors, the JoberGroup teams fully understand the challenges and difficulties a foreign candidate may encounter. By placing your trust in us, you're offering yourself a smooth and easy professional integration in France.

Initially, our services are aimed at foreign candidates who have graduated within the European Union and are eligible for registration with the Ordre des médecins in France.

Once these prerequisites have been fully satisfied, we will provide free support in the following areas:

  • Language learning (level B2)
  • Registration as a doctor
  • Housing search
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers, to discover the French healthcare system
  • .

Jober Group and its team of consultants specializing in profiles from abroad will provide you with the best possible support to help you integrate in France.

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