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Offre d’emploi anesthésiste en France

You are looking for a job offer anesthésiste in France JoberGroup, a leading recruitment agency dedicated to medical, paramedical and dental professionals, is the ideal partner for anesthetists seeking new professional opportunities.

With in-depth expertise and an extensive network, JoberGroup offers a personalized approach, ensuring each candidate a position that matches their skills, experience and personal and professional aspirations.

All you need to know about anesthesiologist job search

Job hunting for an anesthesiologist requires a well-defined strategy and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare job market. Trusting JoberGroup for your anesthesiologist job search means benefiting from the expertise of a dedicated team that understands the specifics of the field.

What does an anesthésiste do?

Anesthesiologists play a crucial role in surgical procedures, providing anesthesia and sedation for patients. This health professional assesses the risks associated with anesthesia, selects the appropriate anesthetic and monitors the patient's vital signs during the procedure. In addition, the anesthesiologist collaborates closely with the surgical team and participates in making decisions critical to the patient's safety.

Quelles études pour devenir anesthésiste?

To become an anesthetist in France, it is necessary to complete a long and demanding medical curriculum. After obtaining a diploma in medicine, the candidate must follow a specialization in anesthesia and surgery, which generally lasts 5 years. This training combines theory and practice, with hospital internships, enabling future anesthesiologists to acquire the skills needed to practice this highly specialized profession.

How does a consultation with an anesthesiologist work?

A consultation with an anesthetist is a key step before any surgical procedure. During this consultation, the anesthetist assesses the patient's state of health, discusses any medical conditions or allergies, and selects the most suitable anesthetic method. This meeting also provides an opportunity to reassure the patient, explain the anaesthesia procedure and answer any questions.

What does an anesthesiologist earn?

The salary of an anesthetist in France varies according to several factors, including experience, place of practice and type of establishment. On average, an anesthetist at the start of his or her career can expect an annual salary of around 60,000 euros, while an experienced professional can earn well over 100,000 euros a year.

Why you should trust à Jober Group for your anesthesiologist job search

JoberGroup's extensive network of healthcare establishments and in-depth knowledge of the medical labor market enable the agency to offer opportunities tailored to each candidate. At JoberGroup, we value your skills and experience to help you find the job that's right for you.

The advantages of an anesthesiologist job in France

Working as an anesthésiste in France offers many advantages. The French healthcare system is recognized for its excellence, and offers anesthetists the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and in renowned establishments. What's more, the anesthesiology profession is well established in France, with opportunities for professional development and specialization.

Foreign candidates: Jober Group takes care of your integration

Concerned about the well-being and successful integration of foreign candidates, JoberGroup offers comprehensive support to foreign anesthetists wishing to work as anesthetists in France. These services, 100% free of charge, include:

  • Language training (level B2)  
  • Registration à l’Ordre national  
  • Housing solution 
  • Free immersion in our partner health centers to help you discover the French healthcare system 

Choosing JoberGroup for your anesthesiologist job search in France means ensuring a smooth transition into the French medical landscape.

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